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16 April 2009


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Are you becoming more and more religious, or just writing about religion more?

Jeffrey C

But seriously, what did you think about the judges' save on Idol this week?


Ovis, I'm sure you've read Evelyn Waugh's Helena but if perchance you've missed it, I think you might very much enjoy it. Take this excerpt, for instance: 'Helena was exempt by her age for all obligation. Nevertheless she decided to fast. It seemed to her a matter of practical expediency. Her interrogations had come to nothing. She had exhausted all the natural means of finding what she sought. "Very well," she said, "I'll see what fasting will do." '


What - no picture of you swinging on the bell rope in your cassock?


I am not convinced that black is your best color, but the smile is very becoming.

Your description of joy has much less emotional substance and resonance than do your descriptions of despair, penitence, and, well, pique. Given that, and the hold that ritual, tradition, and blind obedience seem to have on you, it's clear that Christianity is the appropriate religion for you to have chosen.


I wish you could have practiced ringing the bell...

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