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18 September 2008


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Did you and I really go on the same vacation? I remember things completely differently!


Great post!

I like how the sign for the shekel is one hand stealing from another.

This is not very well known, but in the early part of the last century, one of those Hebrew Agriculturalist/Primitivist ideological movements tried -- but failed -- to establish moshavim in the American West:


Maybe they thought the desert of Gunnison, Utah -- certainly one of the most desperate landscapes in the world -- was reminiscent of Palestine.

Anyway, their relatives also probably brought modern appliances from New York and Philly when they came to visit via the old Union Pacific railway.

R J Keefe

It can't have been the real devil. You'd never have come back to New York.


Are those shorts or cargo pants or - heavens! - cargo shorts you are wearing in the picture??


hubba, hubba


I've heard a camel spitting in your eye clears up infection.

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